10 Steps to Change Your Mindset & Improve Your Life -eBook by Rachel Batchler

Are you a woman who feels like you need to do everything and be perfect at all of it?

If you are a woman, of course you do. We all do. It's built in somewhere that we have to be perfect.
Perfect appearance, perfect demeanor, be the perfect mother, employee, wife, friend, PTA member, daughter. Be perfect and while you're at it, make it look easy. It's impossible!
Or so you think....

....Until you see those women who are. They are perfect AND they make it look easy. They radiate confidence on top of it, and everyone always gravitates towards them.

What is their secret?

It's not a secret. It's their mindset.

You may think that sounds outrageous. I get it.
There's no way just "being positive" is making them confident and able to do all of the things. Perfectly.

Well, you're right.

Does this sound like you.....
...Every red light.. I swear I always hit every red light. And of course I would close my skirt in the door of the car and drive all the way here without even noticing. On a rainy day. Ugh. This outfit looked so cute, now I look like a train-wreck...

thud. crash. swoosh. clank...

Ha! Yuup. Bag's upside down and everything is everwhere. Awesome. I'll just crawl around on the floor and pick all of my stuff up. Pens, tampons, receipts, change... is that open Halloween candy?! What's today? March?? Ahhh. I'm such a mess! No wonder nothing is going right.
Oh god, is that?! Oh noooo, it is!

Sarah is meeting us too?!

You are in the doorway of the coffee shop when you realize that you aren't just meeting your best friend Jen, but her friend Sarah is there also.

Immediately you panic. It feels like your chest just sunk down into your stomach. It's that really annoying jealousy popping up again. You really like her, which makes you even more irritated.

 She always seems so put together. Even now, in the coffee shop in an oversized sweatshirt and yoga pants, she is glowing and confident. You imagine yourself in the same outfit, and for some reason you have holes in your imaginary yoga pants.

Sarah is the person that everyone always wants to be around. It's as if everything comes so easy to her. She always looks happy... joyful even... and relaxed. When she smiles it's like her whole face, no, her whole body and soul is smiling.

How is she always so confident? She never looks stressed either. What IS that? How does she do it? On my best day I don't radiate half the joy and carefree attitude that she does on her busiest days. Like that time I saw her and she was "running late", not even a little sweat or flustered speaking. She just casually mentioned she had to go and she was on her way. How can I be like that? 

Mindset is not just about "being positive"

Mindset is how you see the world, and yourself. It's what

  • lets you see the positive
  • but also feel the negative without allowing it to be overwhelming
  • allows you to evaluate: what's important, what's not as important as it seems
  • keeps you confident after an epic fail
  • reminds you that you're a good mother.. even when you forgot to pack your kid's water bottle for school
  • keeps you focused on your priorities
  • tells you you're enough
  • allows you to find joy in chaos
  • allows you to feel joy where you are

tells you it's ok to not be perfect...  because there is nobody who can do everything perfectly. Especially not on their own.


It's not easy to change the way you think... the way you think has taken as long as you've been alive to become what it is now. 
Just like any other habit though, you can change it. 

10 Steps to Change Your Mindset & Improve Your Life -eBook

A guide of 10 actionable steps to change your mindset. 
As you're walking in to pick up your son from his after-school t-ball class, you realize the kids are all already inside waiting for their parents.

Huh. That's strange, I'm usually here before they get back.

You check your watch and notice you're about 10 minutes later than usual. That's when it hits you that you hit every red light on the way. That's amazing, that it adds 10 minutes to my drive, hitting all the red lights.  You casually think to yourself as you walk up to your child.

You get his things together and turn around to be face-to-face with Karen, the mother of one of your son's friends. Your smile lights up when you lock eyes and you are genuinely happy to see her. It's so nice running into a parent you know and admire.

You say a quick hello and turn to be on your way, when Karen lightly touches your arm to stop you.

"What is your secret?" She asks quietly. "How do you get it all done, and perfectly no less, without being a complete mess, or just frustrated all of the time? You always radiate such joy!" 


This book is what my soul truly needed. It's helpful, relatable, and something I will turn to again and again.
Rebekah Svensson; Owner & operator AwkwardYetHealthy.com
Easy to read and understand. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable on self-care issues and still found new information in this book!
Robin Judd; LCSW, Psychotherapist

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