10 Steps to Change Your Mindset & Improve Your Life -eBook by Rachel Batchler

Mindset is not just about "being positive"

Mindset is how you see the world, and yourself. It's what

  • lets you see the positive
  • but also feel the negative without allowing it to be overwhelming
  • allows you to evaluate: what's important, what's not as important as it seems
  • keeps you confident after an epic fail
  • reminds you that you're a good parent.. even when you forgot to pack your kid's water bottle for school
  • keeps you focused on your priorities
  • tells you you're enough
  • allows you to find joy in chaos
  • allows you to feel joy where you are

tells you it's ok to not be perfect...  because there is nobody who can do everything perfectly. Especially not on their own.


It's not easy to change the way you think... the way you think has taken as long as you've been alive to become what it is now. 
Just like any other habit though, you can change it. 

10 Steps to Change Your Mindset & Improve Your Life -eBook

A guide of 10 actionable steps to change your mindset. 


This book is what my soul truly needed. It's helpful, relatable, and something I will turn to again and again.
Rebekah Svensson; Owner & operator AwkwardYetHealthy.com
Easy to read and understand. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable on self-care issues and still found new information in this book!
Robin Judd; LCSW, Psychotherapist

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